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Hosting a course is easy and profitable, with NWRA. We have proven experts in geriatric, neurologic and cognitive rehabilitation.Our courses are interactive and practical. Period. Participants walk away from our classes ready to improve their practice, and EXCITED to do so. Our courses are dynamic and are filled with patient videotape footage, opportunities to interact with the speakers, and the latest in evidence based practice.Many rehabilitation facilities, from California to Florida, Oregon to West Virginia and points in between, are taking an opportunity to work with NWRA to provide expert content to their therapists. What better way to retain and improve your rehab staff?

Facilities are inviting us back for a full lecture series, as they are finding that they can additionally attract new high quality professionals and GENERATE REVENUE by hosting the course as well.

We help you with templates for (brochure) advertisement, certificates, sign in sheets and online advertisement.

We have courses that pertain to patients that have the following diagnoses or conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Brain injury from Stroke or trauma (TBI)
  • No awareness of their impairments
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Depression
  • Apathy
  • Extreme lack of motivation
  • Older adults with memory problems
  • Frail elderly and debilitated
  • Patients that fall or are fearful of falling

How it works:

  1. S4S provides you with full course descriptions, objectives, timelines – everything that you need to create a mailing OR we can provide the electronic copy of the mailing itself, which you then modify with your facility and contact information.
  2. We provide course certificate templates and work with you to obtain state licensure.
  3. You send out the mailing to as broad a cast as you would like.
  4. You register participants and keep ALL of these proceeds.
  5. You provide a room to accommodate and an LCD projector. We do have one that can be provided at an additional cost.
  6. Use the contact form below, or the hyperlinks to learn more:

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Sample Contract (Word Document)

Sample Course Offerings (Word Document)

Course Titles for 2018-2019: Mike Studer

Somatosensory Reweighting: Forcing reorganization in the impaired or compensating nervous system

Parkinson’s Disease: One size DOES NOT fit all. Treatment strategies specific to subtype

Parkinson’s Disease and the Parkinsonisms: Differentiating the diagnoses, prognoses, and treatments

Neuroplasticity: A novel and practical clinical application to induce functional improvement

To speed or not to speed: clinical and evidence based application for locomotor training in individuals with CVA.   (Subtitle: Avoid the speed trap: Gait training post-stroke is more than just faster is better)

Neurologic and Geriatric Rehabilitation: Maximizing outcomes in those with impairment in cognition and motivation

The Science of Fall Prevention

Maximizing Motor Learning: Neurology, Geriatrics, Orthopedics – the course that your patients cannot afford for you to miss!

The Skill That Connects Us: PT, OT, SLP: The Latest and Future of Dual Task Testing and Training