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Comments from participants in
Strategies 4 Success Workshops

The pairing of cognition and rehab clinic examples will make my treatment sessions more beneficial to my patients. Seattle, WA

Would recommend this course! Fort Worth, TX

Very interesting material – ideas I can use daily as a rehab P.T. Fort Worth, TX

Very dynamic and effective speakers! I definitely will use some or all of these techniques and strategies with my clients. What a great course – very relevant information and I have a fresh new perspective on how to help the clients I see on a daily basis. Fort Worth, TX

I enjoyed the practical advice and video examples which helped to solidify and enhance the material presented. Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Winningham is an excellent presenter and has outstanding knowledge. Mr. Studer is also an excellent speaker and was good to address all [types of] professionals that might have been in the audience. Fort Worth, TX

Dynamic, progressive, knowledgeable, great presentations, very interesting! St. Louis, MO

This [course] gave me a new outlook for my job. St. Louis, MO

Amazing knowledge! St. Louis, MO

High energy presenters, very interactive, and related [the information] to [our] professions. St. Louis, MO

I appreciated the concepts [being] applied to actual therapy treatment sessions. St. Louis, MO

Videos were very good – gave me ideas I could use right away. St. Louis, MO

I wish all of my colleagues could’ve been here to learn. San Jose, CA

Dr. Winningham is a very interesting, knowledgeable speaker with humor. San Jose, CA

I’ve been looking for this course for three years, it was worth the wait!! San Jose, CA

Mike is a very good speaker and definitely makes information applicable to work. San Jose, CA

Great class with practical tips on working with the cognitively impaired. It lived up to all expectations. San Jose, CA

I am eager to share this information with my colleagues! San Jose, CA

Both speakers worked very well together. A good learning environment, lots of energy from the speakers. San Jose, CA