CP (Stroke / Pain)

“I injured my right elbow, and the pain was so great I could barely move it. My doctor referred me to Northwest Rehabilitation, and my therapist said, ‘I am going to massage you

r elbow, and the injured muscles to make them feel better.’ My first though was ‘you are going to do WHAT?’ But I did not say anything, and I let her do her job. She was very gentle, and worked wonders with the techniques that she used. I was amazed at how well my elbow felt after the first visit. I continued to improve after each visit. After my fourth visit I was able to shampoo my carpets! I can now lift heavy pots and pans wh

en I cook. My right hand and arm were much weaker than my left side, due to strokes that I have had in the past. After working with her, and doing the home exercises that she recommended, when I returned for my fifth visit, my grip in my right arm is now just as strong as my left arm.I recommend NWRA to anyone in need of rehabilitation. They are the greatest.”