Now is the time…

After the terrorist attacks in Boston last week, one may have the tendency to avoid running events, to recoil. I understand this mentality and would not scoff at anyone that felt this way. However, perhaps NOW is the time to be runner. Many of us recognize that running is about work ethic, consistency, desire, self-improvement on the personal level. All good traits to possess. I learned “again” last night at the Salem Run4Boston event, that running is about camaraderie, togetherness, support systems and celebrating others. No matter how fast, how much, how often, or how come, “runner” is a group that I will always treasure being a part of – even more so this week.
Now is a time to be or to become a runner. You likely have no more than 3 degrees of separation with some connection to the Boston Marathon. Someone that you know, knows someone that was at Boston or has been at Boston for the Marathon. Beginning running can be easier than you think, utilizing the support of an underwater treadmill with the buoyancy effects of the water – build a base of endurance on your way to better health (psychological and physical).
No matter how you do it – strive for more, celebrate your own and the efforts of others to improve and if you are so moved – “Head out for a run!”
Mike Studer