“Grand Canyon” Inspiration from a Wellness Participant

Bill and his wife at Grand CanyonGrand Canyon

During the last week in April, my wife and I joined up with a Road Scholar hiking tour of the Grand Canyon.

I have PD x 2-3 years now and was more than reasonably concerned about my ability to Hike down to the Colorado River from the South Rim (4500 feet) and back out again two day’s later. I have done difficult hikes in the past, but the idea of stumbling and taking a dive was in my mind. Since the trip was already paid for, I was going and preparation was the key.

To train for the event I looked for stairs that I could go up and down, did extra time on the stair stepping machine and, since last summer, occasional hikes with elevation in the area with backpack and recommended 20 points of weight. Worry is a useless reaction. Get the facts, ‘plan your work’ and ‘work your plan’. What the heck, what’s to loose. I helicopter ride out is only $3000.00: paid in advance. My credit card can take the hit. With that in mind, off we went. I found out that naming the canyon “Grand” is correct. It truly is Grand and it was a grand feeling after reaching the top again.

PD may tempt one to think, ‘no way.’ A PD golf friend told me today, PD is part Sinemet, Exercise and Attitude. attitude. Go for it. SEA what you will see.

Bill MacMorris-Adix
PD Class of 2013