Yes, another NWRA testimonial!

I highly recommend Northwest Rehabilitation Associates!  Everyone on the staff at Northwest Rehab is polite and helpful.  Scheduling sessions is easy on the phone or in person.  The exercise equipment is varied, providing many types of workouts.  Everything is clean and well maintained, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

They have one of the very few underwater treadmills in Oregon, in the small heated therapy pool, which has been a great help to me.  This is the only place I’m able to walk without crutches and climb up and down steps; this is building my strength and balance and boosting my confidence!

Whitney Gray was assigned to me and I could not be more happy or satisfied with her instruction and guidance.  She answers all my questions thoughtfully and knowledgeably, listens to my concerns, and her easy-going attitude and ability to adjust easily to challenges makes each session pleasant and beneficial.  I appreciate Whitney’s professionalism and friendliness.  Working with her has made my journey to strength, increased mobility and pain reduction enjoyable with enough challenges to help me reach my goals.

A big Thank You!! to Whitney, owner Mike Studer and all the Crew at Northwest Rehabilitation!

KH,  Another (more than) satisfied Salem resident…