Now Hiring: Full-time PT Healthy Aging/Neurology

VIDEO TOUR We are ready to welcome an EXCELLENT Outpatient Neurologic + Geriatric focused Physical Therapist to join our growing team! As a member of this group, you can expect to receive and contribute to a dynamic and interactive group with experienced and collaborative PTs in a state of the art facility – featuring clinical research, the latest in technology, and peers with board certifications + decades of experience in your field!  Work alongside recognized experts, and develop your practice built on evidence, objective measures, and the principles of both exercise in aging and neuroplasticity.  Applicants should be ready to grow their practice and reputation through improving patient function and quality of life in this environment of care that includes: underwater treadmill with overhead unweighting, BWSTT, accelerometry and body-worn sensors, computerized dynamic gait assessments with forceplate-enabled treadmill, and more! All qualified candidates are welcomed to apply, preference will be given to those with NCS, GCS, post-graduate residency, and/OR an overwhelming and proven passion for neuro PT. See a VIDEO TOUR of our clinic using this link.