Wellness Blog post #4: Walking Together

Thank you Bill for sending this summer 2015 photo capturing several of the folks who walk together on Friday mornings at Minto Brown Park in Salem. Walking together each week was initiated by a wellness participant last Spring and has quickly become a vital tradition for those who want to walk together! Everyone welcome. Call […]

Positive Affirmations Are Necessary Thoughts

ANTS are Automatic Negative Thoughts. Most of us have too many ants roaming around our waking thoughts: “you can’t do this” “that was a stupid thing to say.” We however can’t blame the ANTS, they are only trying to help us try harder or pay attention. ANTS are a leftover from our brain’s innate ability […]

“Grand Canyon” Inspiration from a Wellness Participant

Grand Canyon During the last week in April, my wife and I joined up with a Road Scholar hiking tour of the Grand Canyon. I have PD x 2-3 years now and was more than reasonably concerned about my ability to Hike down to the Colorado River from the South Rim (4500 feet) and back […]

Inspiration from a Wellness Participant

One of NWRA’s Wellness participants recently emailed me this meaningful reflection by Pema Chodron (an incredible author, retreat leader, teacher and more) and welcomed my sharing it on our Wellness Blog. A first step [in remaining open] is to understand that a feeling of dread or psychological discomfort might just be a sign that old […]

Welcome to the NWRA Wellness Blog!

Greetings! As mentioned in the Wellness classes, the NWRA BLOG is another avenue for education as well as for inspiring and supporting one another by way of: 1. Wellness Program updates 2. Wellness tips, resources, research including topics relevant to people who have PD, MS, and other related health challenges. 3. Inspiring stories, quotes, tidbits, […]



Wellness, Classes, and Personal Training

NWRA continues to lead the way in wellness…and WE’RE NOT DONE! We have options for class participation that include:   Tai Chi for Better Balance Tai Chi for Energy, Control, and Centering Parkinson’s Disease Agility Class (flexibility, balance, speed and power) Personal training 1-1 for improved quality of life, sport, or function – Kat DeGroat […]