Welcome, Tricia McMahon

NWRA is pleased to announce Tricia McMahon has accepted our promotion to a new position as “Director of Wellness”. Watch for blogs from this page with details about our wellness programming, an expansion of our efforts to serve the greater Salem community with affordable, evidence-based, and energetic wellness opportunities.

– Parkinson’s Disease agility

-Tai Chi for better balance

– Multiple Sclerosis support group

– Movement for mind, body, spirit = “m3”

Tricia’s training in the Stanford University Living Well program will serve as a foundation for several other additions.


Please contact us at: info@northwestrehab.com OR tricia@northwestrehab.com with questions.

MOST classes will be offered at our 3220 Liberty Rd S. location – future blogs will detail.

Wellness, Classes, and Personal Training

NWRA Capital City half with Kat1

Learn better balance, relaxation, and energy!

Learn better balance, relaxation, and energy!

NWRA continues to lead the way in wellness…and WE’RE NOT DONE! We have options for class participation that include:


Tai Chi for Better Balance

Tai Chi for Energy, Control, and Centering

Parkinson’s Disease Agility Class (flexibility, balance, speed and power)

Personal training 1-1 for improved quality of life, sport, or function – Kat DeGroat

These classes are offered onsite at NWRA. Registration is required. Contact Us


Neurology and Healthy Aging

At the Center for Neurology and Healthy Aging, NWRA provides multidisciplinary care (PT, OT, Speech therapy) for people that are ready to start living a higher quality of life. We help people with balance, strength, agility, endurance, swallowing, self-care, visual processing, safe driving, walking, bed mobility and MUCH more! Many people that come for our renowned care at location have medical issues related to vertigo, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, neuropathy, or deconditioning after a medical event.

Geriatric Wellness Center

NWRA is proud to offer a Physical Therapist developed, attended, modified, supervised and directed wellness center in our Geriatric/Neurologic facility located at 3270 Liberty Rd S.

This program is available for discharged patients from skilled PT services AND for those looking for a safe place to receive:

– Physical therapist directed and supervised care

– An atmosphere of safety, camraderie and fun

– Top of the line equpment

– 2x/week AFFORDABLE and individualized service