On Friday, September 12th, we will open our new facility 3220 Liberty Rd S (a.k.a NWRA2 – as in “NWRAsquared”) to the Salem and surrounding community. This open house will be a bit unique, in that we will be attempting to re-set the World Record with the fastest underwater marathon. This event should be an energy-charged, fun-filled fundraiser for the Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Foundation – as well as the local non-profit 4Him2Day (pediatric cancer fund). We invite one and all to share our excitement about the new facility, meet staff, and to be a part of this WR attempt!!.


Please join us at 5pm for the open house

The underwater marathon will start at 6pm and is estimated to take 3:30 minutes.

Please feel free to drop-in (you DO NOT need to stay for the whole marathon, unless you would like to do so).

Donations are NOT mandatory in attendance, just a free-will offering should you choose.

Wellness, Classes, and Personal Training

NWRA Capital City half with Kat1

Learn better balance, relaxation, and energy!

Learn better balance, relaxation, and energy!

NWRA continues to lead the way in wellness…and WE’RE NOT DONE! We have options for class participation that include:


Tai Chi for Better Balance

Tai Chi for Energy, Control, and Centering

Parkinson’s Disease Agility Class (flexibility, balance, speed and power)

Personal training 1-1 for improved quality of life, sport, or function – Kat DeGroat

These classes are offered onsite at NWRA. Registration is required. Contact Us


Neurology and Healthy Aging

At the Center for Neurology and Healthy Aging, NWRA provides multidisciplinary care (PT, OT, Speech therapy) for people that are ready to start living a higher quality of life. We help people with balance, strength, agility, endurance, swallowing, self-care, visual processing, safe driving, walking, bed mobility and MUCH more! Many people that come for our renowned care at location have medical issues related to vertigo, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, neuropathy, or deconditioning after a medical event.

A rare occasion..NOW HIRING!

With the utmost sense of pride and truly humble appreciation…we announce that we have 3 positions open due to GROWTH! Thank you patients, referral sources, caregivers, friends…for all of your support. We do the VERY BEST that we can in every aspect of rehabilitation and will continue to do so. With that said, we announce that we are hiring 2 PTs and 2 front office medical receptionists. See our STAFF page for details and send a resume to: