Athletic training – World Class Ultramarathoner

“As an ultramarathoner doing high mileage weeks and many long races, I am bound to get a few tweaks and niggles from running every now and then. The physical therapists at NWRA have been
especially helpful in getting me through some of my more serious issues. From a thorough workup to an individualized treatment plan with handouts detailing very specific exercises, their approach
is both personal and professional. This attention has kept me going strong without any significant gaps in my training for the last four years. And while they may advise some alterations to my
running program, I really appreciate that they have never advised me to take extended time off from running. I have recommended NWRA to several of my closest friends and family, as well,
for the excellent care that they provide.”

Athletic training – Cross country

When you run a lot of miles sooner or later injuries happen. I’ve been very lucky to have found Mike Studer and the folks at NWRA. I’ve seen Mike over the last few years for a few different injuries, each time he has been able to treat me and have me back to running in no time! These guys really know their stuff. If you are injured your first move should be to call NWRA.

Athletic training – Ultramarathoner

After a complete evaluation, Brady built a plan for my recovery. His encouragement and guidance allowed me to get back on the trails much sooner than I expected. The fantastic facilities at NWRA gave me PT options that many other rehabilitation clinics in the area don’t offer. The excellent care that Brady provided along with the supportive environment makes it easy to get back to training after an injury. I’m running better than ever after working with Brady at NWRA.

Athletic Training – Triathlete

I have had the privilege of working with Mike as I had to rehab from some injuries during my triathlon carreer. I have found Mike and his staff to be of the utmost in professional care and doing what is best for their patient and would not hesitate for one moment if I ever needed physical therapy or if a friend, loved one or anyone else for that matter needed it as well. I strongly and happily endorse Mike Studer as my first and only choice for physical therapy.
Richard Earle
4 time Ironman Finisher
7 time National Triathlon Championship participant
2 time USA Triathlon World Team Member
Personal Trainer ACE Certified

GB (Pain)

“After more than two years of painful walking, it was refreshing to find a therapist who understood my bones and muscles. He could even draw pictures to clarify the correct remedial movement. By the end of the first visit I had a proven demonstration of a solution to my problem. Practice of course was necessary for retraining but that is true for all of our bad habits. I thank him for all his skills and patience.”

LO about her Grandmother (Frequent Falls)

“Grandma has her life back. She was not washing her hair or putting on makeup. It was almost as if she did not see a reason to continue living because she could see her quality of life declining. Now, she has more confidence, and is starting to become active again, all because of your work with her.”

Barbara, age 55 (Spasms / Pain)

“After a week stay in the hospital, and week at home recovering; I started having spasms in my lower back and right leg. When my doctor told me, ‘to go to a physical therapist,’ I was very apprehensive because of an experience I had with a therapist in the past. The therapist in the past was not sympathetic to my pain, and pushed me to do things that hurt me. He even took my leg, and pushed it into my chest; causing a disc in my spine to shatter. I was in surgery 2 days later.I kept the appointment with Jenny, and spoke with Jenny about my concerns. She was very understanding and compassionate. She started slowly, was very gentle, and was attuned to my pain.

She did wonders for me! After the first visit I felt better, and every visit after that helped more. I was able to go back to work right after my third visit. I tell Jenny, ‘she has magic fingers and I mean it.’ I would recommend her highly! I will never be afraid of therapy again as long as Jenny is practicing.”

Caregiver for SB, from Salem

“I have seen a lot of change since he started seeing you (Mike). I think that the drive, the hope, the feeling of walking has really changed his attitude. Considering the life that he has lived, bound to the wheelchair, this has helped so much with everything. He is getting his life back.”