NWRA: presenting and publishing on the national level

2011 has been a productive year for NWRA already. Brady Whetten and Mike Studer published Physical Therapists as the Pharmacists of Exercise: Determining the Dosage (Intensity) for Your Patient, in the January edition of the APTA Geriatric Section publication GeriNotes. View this link to see the article: http://www.geriatricspt.org/members/pubs/gerinotes/2011/18-1/GeriNotes-18-1/index.html

Additionally, Brady and Mike presented twice at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting, a collection of 18 specialty sections and over 8,000 PTs in New Orleans. Their presentations covered the topic of intensity in strength, endurance, gait speed, balance and dual task training; as well as a presentation unveiling a management approach for clients with cognitive impairment.

It has been a productive 2011…indeed – as Mike and Brady were recently notified that they are invited back as speakers for the 2012 Combined Sections Meeting in Chicago!

2011 APTA Neurology Section Award for Clinical Excellence

NWRA would like to proudly announce that Mike Studer has received the 2011 American Physical Therapy Association Neurology Section Award for Clinical Excellence. Mike noted, “This is the highest honor that can be received for a neurologic PT. I am honored to receive this award. I put a lot of energy into finding a way to help each person that I see – using evidence and innovation together to individualize a program to maximize their recovery. Every day, we receive the rewards of improvement in our patients – this and the unknown aspects of rehabilitation, are what continue to push me along.”

Mike and colleague Brady Whetten, PT, DPT presented two programs at the recent Combined Sections Meeting in New Orleans. The presentations, Intensity and Dosage in Geriatric Physical Therapy and A PT’s Guide to Screening and Reducing Fall Risk in Clients with Mild Cognitive Impairment, were well received.

NWRA Spring News

Welcome Spring!

We have a lot of news to share again, always in an attempt to move forward…here is what we know:

1) We are pleased to announce the hiring of a fabulous person and Occupational Therapist – Trish Ostrander,  OTD, who will be joining us to bolster our Occupational Therapy services and build our hand therapy program.Trish comes to us from the outpatient program at OHSU, where she has continued to refine her clinical skills since graduating from Creighton University in Nebraska.

2) We continue to build our Wellness Services through the Geriatric Wellness Center of NWRA. Our cognitive program is now over 5 years strong and the physical program is being regularly attended. The physical program is about to receive a major upgrade in equipment…COMING SOON!

3) Our website is going to be updated, fashioning more medical information, links for rehabilitation equipment, and downloads COMING this SUMMER!

4) Mike is hot off of the Boston Marathon and gunning for a new PR in December at the California International Marathon. In the meantime, he is gunning for a PR at the 1/2Ironman at Pacific Crest in June.

5) Brady has nearly completed his training for the Newport Marathon on June 5th.

6) Renee will be competing in the challenging Olympic distance triathlon at Pacific Crest in June.

As always, we recommend that you get out there and get active!

Mike and Diane Studer

NWRA news

Happy 5th anniversary to NWRA and happy 1st to our building! To our site visitors, we anticipate that the blog will be more frequently updated now with interesting medical findings and NWRA news. Check back weekly. Here is a sample of what is to come:

1) Rene’e took her Orthopedic Certified Specialist test last week. (Board certification of expertise)…congratulations for all of the hard work she put in!
2) Brady continues to add more states to his lecture resume, going to Washington this weekend.
3) Margaret is considering a Parkinson’s speech group and gathering interest now. Contact her at Margaret@northwestrehab.com
4) Mike recently earned his Certified Exercise Expert in the Aging Adult designation (CEEAA).

5) In the news medically:

Adult Brain Can Change Within Seconds

The human brain can adapt to changing demands even in adulthood, but neuroscientists have now found evidence of it changing with unsuspected speed. Their findings suggest that the brain has a network of silent connections that underlie its plasticity.

Happy Spring!!!