Hannah Fugle, PT, DPT

Hannah Fugle, PT, DPT Hannah Fugle graduated from Northern Arizona University and is multi-talented. Hannah has passion and expertise in Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, imblance, and recovery from stroke. In addition, she is our trusted resource to help people in regaining pelvic health and wellness. Specific conditions that she can help to reduce or resolve include: […]

Erin McMullen, PT, DPT, NCS

Erin McMullen, PT, DPT, NCS Erin is our Director of Rehabilitation at the West Salem site – located in Capital Manor. She has taken this program from it’s infancy, and built a solid resource for patients to access exceptional, NWRA-quality healthcare onsite. Erin is a graduate of University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. […]

Caitlin Burbank, PT, DPT

Caitlin Burbank, PT, DPT      Caitlin joined NWRA with a devoted passion for clinical excellence in neurology and geriatrics, supported by her research foundation and dedication to evidence-based practice from Washington University in St. Louis. She excels in treating balance disorders, stroke, diabetic neuropathy, PD, vestibular, and deconditioned patients- at both our South and West Salem […]

Whitney Gray, PT, DPT

Whitney Gray, PT, DPT Whitney took a unique route to NWRA through Emory University in Atlanta, having worked in an NIH stroke research fellowship upon graduation.  Whitney brings a passion for working with people that have challenging neurologic impairments, including PD, stroke, vestibular, brain injury, MS and others. While a student, she completed certification in […]

Nancy Cox

Welcome to NWRA, Nancy Cox! In October 2011, Nancy joined our team and has fit right in. You will see her bright smile and feel the intelligence, patience and warmth that she brings every afternoon. On a personal note, Nancy has extensive experience in medical and educational offices, is a tennis coach AND is a […]

Marie Hook, MS, OTR

Marie is a true student of the profession and “OT of all trades”. She brings a very diverse set of skills to NWRA, with the capacity to see patients with neurologic impairment, those with difficulty after joint replacement, orthopedic injuries due to sport or overuse, visual impairment, and has extensive training in adaptive home changes, […]

Fall Prevention: Those with good habits live long!

Those with Good Habits Live Long The science of rehabilitating elderly patients that face weakness, imbalance, or both is improving and must continue to advance in both proficiency and popularity. The cost of functional dependence, due to care giving expenses, or the medical care after a fall – is saddling our economy and Medicare to […]

Hope for the aging endurance athlete!

Rehabilitation medicine continues to push the envelope – and win! Individuals with sufficient drive to succeed, are doing so in greater numbers – and in later years. Although there are physiologic changes associated with aging, that impact performance: skeletal muscle hypertrophy, conduction velocity of nerves, and maximum heart rate (among others), we do have means […]

Shelly Mendoza, MS, CCC-SLP, LSVT

Shelly Mendoza, MS, CCC-SLP, LSVT        Shelly is a true master of all things speech and voice. From those that are rehabilitating their ability to speak, to those that are perfecting either their professional voice or accent reduction. She is LSVT certified for Parkinson’s Disease and Vital Stim certified for swallowing disorders. She is additionally highly-skilled in […]

Brenda Long, OT/L

Brenda Long, OT/L Brenda Long, OT has been practicing primarily in the field of geriatrics since 1987, when she graduated from the University of Puget Sound. She has particular clinical interest in geriatrics, neurology, dementia, and both the rehabilitation and compensation of visual and perceptual impairments. Brenda serves residents at Capital Manor in West Salem, […]