Reception and Administration

We are very fortunate to work with these wonderful professionals and to have them helping you. They are the spirit of Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. — specialist care with a personal touch. Our medical office staff is comprised of an efficient team of exceptional people, serving our health profession colleagues, clients, patients, and caregivers.

Lacy Classen makes NWRA run efficiently – with a personal touch. She is our lead in authorizations and oversees reception. Lacy possesses an exceptional attention to detail with a unique combination of a strong work ethic and a heart that cares. Lacy holds a degree as a Medical Office Specialist and, in our minds, could now write a “How-to” manual on it. She is exceptional at multitasking, has a memory capacity that we all envy, and learns systems faster than one can imagine. As the first employee of NWRA, Lacy has seen and been responsible for a lot of positive change!

 Heidi Parsons joined NWRA in January 2013, quickly providing us with an incredible talent in medical office reception . We appreciate Heidi for her visual media, talents in systems efficiency, knowledge of computer networking, and problem solving. However, we are AMAZED at her consistent smile, temperament in multi-tasking, and the incredible trivia knowledge that she has!


Cora Lundy has been with NWRA since July 2014, as we expanded to two clinics. Cora quickly assumed the lead position at our Healthy Aging and Neurology location. Additionally, Cora is our lead representative for the Capital Manor location, in West Salem.


Amanda Herbel stepped right in to the Sport, Rehabilitation and Wellness site in May 2015 – serving patients with one of the brightest minds and smiles around. Amanda oversees the OTAGO exercise program operations for fall prevention.


Jessica Beesley joined NWRA in a multifaceted role beginning in June 2015, with a mind for finances and a heart for patient care. Jessica welcomes patients at 3270 with a smile-on and has a keen memory for the personal touch that each person deserves.