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Rene’e James, MPT, OCS, CMP leads our sports and orthopedics program with fellow clinicians Anna Perry, PT, DPT; Bailey Denno, PT, DPT; Chris Woods, PT, OCS, Jason James, PT, DPT, Scot Newberry, PT, DPT, and Grant Bortnem, PT, DPT. Together, these exceptional therapists bring the special skills that NWRA embodies – specialist care with a personal touch! With our state of the art clinic, including the area’s only underwater treadmill, Rene’e, Anna, Jason and Bailey examine and treat everyone from the high school athlete after ACL repair to the individual recovering just days after a hip replacement. Mike Studer, PT, MHS, NCS, CEEAA, Margaret Smith, SLP, and Brady Whetten, PT, DPT, GCS are frequently involved in the athlete that has sustained a concussion – through local physicians and our OHSU concussion connection with Dr. James Chestnutt. Read more about some common diagnoses in the pages to follow or, as always, email us at:

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