NWRA news

Happy 5th anniversary to NWRA and happy 1st to our building! To our site visitors, we anticipate that the blog will be more frequently updated now with interesting medical findings and NWRA news. Check back weekly. Here is a sample of what is to come:

1) Rene’e took her Orthopedic Certified Specialist test last week. (Board certification of expertise)…congratulations for all of the hard work she put in!
2) Brady continues to add more states to his lecture resume, going to Washington this weekend.
3) Margaret is considering a Parkinson’s speech group and gathering interest now. Contact her at Margaret@northwestrehab.com
4) Mike recently earned his Certified Exercise Expert in the Aging Adult designation (CEEAA).

5) In the news medically:

Adult Brain Can Change Within Seconds

The human brain can adapt to changing demands even in adulthood, but neuroscientists have now found evidence of it changing with unsuspected speed. Their findings suggest that the brain has a network of silent connections that underlie its plasticity.

Happy Spring!!!