Barbara, age 55 (Spasms / Pain)

“After a week stay in the hospital, and week at home recovering; I started having spasms in my lower back and right leg. When my doctor told me, ‘to go to a physical therapist,’ I was very apprehensive because of an experience I had with a therapist in the past. The therapist in the past was not sympathetic to my pain, and pushed me to do things that hurt me. He even took my leg, and pushed it into my chest; causing a disc in my spine to shatter. I was in surgery 2 days later.I kept the appointment with Jenny, and spoke with Jenny about my concerns. She was very understanding and compassionate. She started slowly, was very gentle, and was attuned to my pain.

She did wonders for me! After the first visit I felt better, and every visit after that helped more. I was able to go back to work right after my third visit. I tell Jenny, ‘she has magic fingers and I mean it.’ I would recommend her highly! I will never be afraid of therapy again as long as Jenny is practicing.”