Geriatric Wellness Instructor – Certification

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Geriatric Wellness Instructor? Contact us to find out how to earn this respected national certification. The GWI class offers the foundation and all of the tools for programming with individuals with impaired cognition.

We answer questions like:

  • What is “normal” about aging?
  • Are we all getting weaker as we age?
  • Is memory loss a natural part of aging?
  • Is there a way to “strengthen your brain”?
  • Are you or is someone you know experiencing increased memory problems?
  • Do you want to improve your memory ability?
  • Do you worry about falling or losing your balance?
  • Are you searching for Quality of Mind?

If you have these questions, we have the answers.

For those experiencing these symptoms, please contact us for details on how to attend our Geriatric Wellness Center (GWC) to sharpen your mind and improve your physical condition. Come in or contact us to find out more!

The Geriatric Wellness Center and Northwest Rehabilitation Associates are pleased to announce our partnership in this 10-week memory enhancement course. This revolutionary approach to cognitive enhancement will include both cognitive and physical exercise that will be facilitated by trained professionals. We promote a combination of interventions to exercise and strengthen minds through the use of clinically tested and scientifically supported interventions.

These one-hour sessions will be fun, interesting, and challenging. Classes are only $10 per session and do not require an MD referral. Participants will:

  • Exercise different parts of their brain
  • Improve their ability to make new memories
  • Reduce their risk for falls
  • Make new connections in their brain
  • Engage in fun and challenging cognitive activities