Dr. Robert Winningham, Ph.D

Dr. Rob WInningham

Dr. Rob Winningham has 20 years of experience researching applied memory issues and for the past 16 years has conducted research on older adults and ways to enhance their mental functioning and quality of life. Thousands of subscribers get his monthly brain stimulation activities called Dr. Rob’s Cranium Crunches. He is a full Professor and Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Division at Western Oregon University (WOU) where he manages both the Psychological Sciences and Gerontology Departments. He has trained thousands of professionals to offer high quality cognitive stimulation and therapy programs and has helped develop a certification program for professionals, which can be found at www.robwinningham.com. His extensive knowledge and experience, combined with an excellent speaking style creates an engaging and rewarding learning experience. Dr. Winningham received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Baylor University. Mike Studer and Rob Winningham have offered many cutting edge continuing education seminars for therapists. Some of those seminars are available online at: www.robwinningham.com

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