Wellness Blog post #4: Walking Together

Friday walking group 7-2015 PD  smaller

Thank you Bill for sending this summer 2015 photo capturing several of the folks who walk together on Friday mornings at Minto Brown Park in Salem. Walking together each week was initiated by a wellness participant last Spring and has quickly become a vital tradition for those who want to walk together! Everyone welcome. Call me (Tricia c: 408.507.7187) if you want to be kept up-to-date with the walking schedule throughout the year!

At about the time Bill sent this photo, a friend shared a poem that she wrote in 2009 while delving more deeply into her own wellness in the midst of non-hodgkins lymphoma. She gave me permission to share it here on our blog in honor of our shared path of vitality and peace.

I walk the path.
I walk the path one foot in front of the other.
I walk the path
birds sing their welcome song.
I walk the path
a daffodil smiles at me.
I walk the path
the breeze kisses my face.
I walk the path
my connection to the earth is strong.
I walk the path
the sun wraps my shoulders in warmth.
I walk the path in peace and serenity.
I’m glad I walk the path.