NWRA and Geriathletics: A testimonial

From a Salem-area endurance athlete, came this:

I am writing to thank you and the staff at NWRA for making such a significant improvement in the quality of my life.

I realize you have your technical ways of assessing my progress. But I want to share with you my assessment and translate to you that progress into the actual changes I have realized in my day to day living.

In August 2015 I lost my hearing and most of my balance. For a month I walked with a cane. That change in my life and shock to my  abilities was almost incomprehensible for my endurance athlete spirit.

One day while out on a personal errand, I tripped and fell down a number of concrete steps. After that, I was nauseous every day, the entire day. My balance improved some in autumn 2015 but my balance was still hugely impaired.  Walking was unsteady and uncomfortable. I would regularly collide with the walls and doorways in my own home. Sleeping was sporadic – I would wake during the night with vertigo, cold sweats, and even greater nausea. Training to maintain my health and fitness was crushing. My first day back in the weight room, my one hour routine took three hours and at the end I was so physically sick I had to go to bed for 6 hours. I had also lost my balance in the water, so I had lost my swim stroke and one of my special pleasures in life – long distance swimming.

NWRA has changed my life. I walk with much more comfort, confidence and stability. I have zero vertigo – which is a blessing hard to describe or imagine unless you have lived with constant nausea for many months. I can now lay horizontal without vertigo and nausea; so i mostly sleep through the night. My weight room training is near normal. I run 30+ miles a week and my running form and stability continue to improve. I have a swim coach and am relearning to swim. And I can cycle at an acceptable level. In summary, I feel significantly better than I did before I came to NWRA and I’m able to comfortably be more active.  NWRA has helped me regain much of my balance; and because of that, I have been able to regain a quality life.

The improvement in my balance and consequently in the quality of my life is major. I am so very grateful for what NWRA has done for me.

Thanks to you and your staff so very much for your skills, your insights, your patience, your kindness, your encouragements, and your help. I particularly value the way you personally can judge my capabilities and set goals that challenge me and stretch my abilities while maintaining my confidence and motivation.