Accepting all Patients Beginning May 1

Earlier today, Governor Brown announced that non-urgent medical practices may begin service on May 1st. As such, we will once again accept all patients into physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy, group wellness and performance training. 
We are taking every step to maintain a healthy community AND a safe and clean environment and are meeting and exceeding  every guideline, including:
  • Maintaining 6 feet of social distance between people (unless clinically necessary to be closer)
  • Limiting number of people in the clinic according to the square footage and layout of each building
  • Cleaning all equipment with a proven Covid-19 cleanser, between each use
  • Requiring all healthcare providers and receptionists to wear masks
  • Requesting that all clients and patients additionally wear masks
  • Strongly encouraging face coverings for patients
  • Requiring patients to wash hands before beginning therapy
  • Limiting essential caregivers to one per patient
Our mission statement—specialist care with a personal touch—has never been more visible than it is now, as we respect everyone’s personal safety, feelings, and fears, while delivering the impeccable healthcare that you expect from Northwest Rehab and The RE_. 
Please call us at 503-371-0779 to schedule your appointment today!