Occupational Therapy

NWRA’s occupational therapy program is quite unique! We help people use their arms and bodies better in recovery from stroke, trauma, fracture, or work-related injury. Additionally we aide in managing life, easier and better with Parkinson’s, arthritis, and SO MANY more conditions. We are diverse in providing onsite, in-home safety recommendations from a certified professional, to low vision training and ADLs (activities of daily living) training for people recovering from an injury…including hand therapy – we’ve got you covered!  


Hans Severson, OTR/L is as passionate and focused as a practitioner can be. He brings interest and skill for neurologic rehabilitation and most specifically neuro and orthopedic hand rehabilitation. Hans is an excellent listener, and problem-solver for people with hand pain and dysfunction of all kinds, and has a great fund of knowledge + skill in upper extremity recovery from stroke, programming for Parkinson’s, and many others!


Marie is a true student of the profession and “OT of all trades”. She brings a very diverse set of skills to NWRA, with the capacity to see patients with neurologic impairment, those with difficulty after joint replacement, orthopedic injuries due to sport or overuse, visual impairment, and has extensive training in adaptive home changes, being one of the few therapists locally that holds the CAPS certified aging in place specialist thru AOTA and NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) designations! Marie has a radiance of optimism, bringing energy, and desire to continually learn.