Shelly Mendoza

Shelly Mendoza, MS, CCC-SLP, LSVT

       Shelly is a true master of all things speech and voice. From those that are rehabilitating their ability to speak, to those that are perfecting either their professional voice or accent reduction. She is LSVT certified for Parkinson’s Disease and Vital Stim certified for swallowing disorders. She is additionally highly-skilled in helping to diagnose and treat those with cognitive impairment related to post concussion syndrome, strokes, and cancers for daily skills and driving assessments (using DriveAble testing). Should you have difficulties in swallowing…look no further, as she can help in this regard as well.

Shelly also loves to spend time with her family, enjoying the arts, voice acting, singing, promoting human rights, learning languages, and training therapy and service animals.

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